Deanna Moffitt

Core Faculty and Solutions Designer

Deanna Moffitt began studying improv over 13 years ago while living in Portland, OR and working full time as an IT Project Manager, where she led the company’s highest profile and most strategic projects including implementation of a data warehouse and the mergers and acquisition team. Her love of improv eventually overtook her love of financial security and she quit her job, sold her home, and moved to Chicago to pursue her passion for improv full time. Since then she’s performed with The Second City, iO Theater, The Playground, WNEP Theater and ComedySportz. She is the co-host of one of Chicago’s hottest storytelling shows “This Much is True” and the voice of several upcoming audio books on Her direct experience of using improv skills in business makes her a powerful instructor with real world practicality at her fingertips. She’s worked with Senior Executives at Fortune 500 companies, International Leaders, as well as front line employees in small organizations with an understanding how improv skill can be used in each of their individual situations. Deanna has taught Business Improvisations programs for Columbia Business School, Columbia Senior Executive Program, Duke Law School, Duke Fuqua School of Business, DuPont, Progressive Insurance, Sears International and International House.