For years, Business Improv’s innovative corporate training programs have helped professionals improve their communication, leadership, management, and team building skills. To learn more about our training, the positive effect our classes have had on our graduates, and how we can help your organization, we invite you to watch the videos and listen to the podcasts below, which feature Business Improv’s President and CEO, Bob Kulhan, as well as Core Faculty and Solutions Designers, Kate Duffy and Sean Monahan.

Bob Kulhan Uses Improv to Help Businesses Soar to Success

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Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 11.13.26 AMIn our interview, Bob explains his technique of, Yes, And, explained in his book, “Getting To YES And-The Art of Business Improv.” The phrase, Yes, and, is the cornerstone of improvisation. For example, in a sales conversation, rather than being satisfied with a No answer, or an objection to your presentation, simply respond with, Yes, And — what can we do to make our product work for you? Always keep the client engaged and let them tell you what they need and explain how you can fill that need.

Energy Manipulation and How to Influence People with Bob Kulhan (Episode 083)

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SHIPS: The Vessels for A Meaningful Life
Energy Manipulation and How to Influence People with Bob Kulhan (Episode 083) hosted by Pat McAndrew

Bob Kulhan, CEO and Founder of Business Improv, returns to the SHIPS podcast in episode 083 to talk about Energy Manipulation. This is a great episode for anyone looking for ways to consistently bring their best selves forward. We discuss what energy manipulation is, that energy is a choice, and how crucially important it is to be focused and present when talking to large groups or to an individual. Bob reveals to us that our energy, and what we bring into the room, has a huge impact on those around us.

Think Slow to Move Fast with Bob Kulhan hosted by Chris Cooper

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In a world that rotates at 1000mph, sometimes we feel the need to think equally as fast! However, this can often cause stressful and unproductive situations. Bob Kulhan has spent the last two decades linking improvisation to business through the behavioral sciences. Bob is an elite improv actor as well as an Adjunct Professor at The Duke University Fuqua School of Business and Columbia University Business School. He also is the Founder and CEO of Business Improv®. Based out of Chicago, LA & New York City, BI is a world-class leader in devel-oping experiential learning programs for businesses. I’m delighted to welcome Bob back on to the show, as he discusses the art of Thinking Slow to Move Fast. For those of you who want to be more productive and less rushed, this is a show not to be missed!

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Return on Investment

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Watch this video to understand how Business Improv uses the behavioral sciences to understand how and why we make the decisions we do in real time and use improvisation for real world outcomes.

Perspective vs Agenda

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There is a huge difference between individual perspective and agenda. Watch the video to learn how improvisation can help your team share their individual perspectives while working as a team to achieve the common agenda.

Distance Communication

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Watch Business Improv CEO Bob Kulhan share how improvisation techniques can help you communicate and influence each other, especially when your team spans distances.

Behavioral Psychology Models

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Watch our own Bob Kulhan explain how Martin Seligman’s Learned Helplessness model links to organizational behavior and how/why the tenets of improvisation should be used in business.

Getting to Yes And

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What does it mean to be an Improvisational Leader? Watch our own Bob Kulhan explain this concept and how being an “Improvisational Leader” can help you become a better leader.

Business Improv

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Our very own Bob Kulhan explains how creating a culture of acceptance can help create a clear path to key objectives in business and life.

Contagious Energy

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Your energy, attitude, and presence are CONTAGIOUS. Watch our very own Bob Kulhan explain this and how you can help affect the energy and attitude of those around you.

Energy and Attitude

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Attitude are CHOICES. Learn how we can help you manipulate your energy at key moments in time in order to help improve how people perceive you, i.e, your Brand.

Improv Communication

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What are your barriers to creativity, collaboration, communication and change? Learn how Business Improv can help you chip away at those blocks and barriers.

Applying Yes And

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The concept of ‘Yes, And…’ is basically an ideation/collaboration tool. Watch our very own Bob Kulhan tell you more and how it can help you and your business.

Yes And

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Our very own Bob Kulhan helps explain the concept of “Yes, And” and how this simple listening skill can help you become a better leader.

What’s Improvisation

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What do you think of when you hear the word “Improv”? Got it? Now, watch this video to see how we define ‘improv’ and how improv skills can help you in the workplace.

The Introvert Entrepreneur – “Yes, And” and Beyond: A Conversation with Improv Pioneer Bob Kulhan

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Stand up in front of a group. No script. No prep. No rules. This is improv… in a way. It’s not quite as scary as that, even though that set-up is likely to send many an introvert running in the opposite direction. And in fact, what looks like a completely spontaneous improv situation actually DOES have rules, and there are ways to prepare yourself. Sure, there’s no script, but life doesn’t have a script, so who needs one? View whole story here.

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We’re often at a disadvantage when it comes to problem-solving because we think too fast, and our analytic brains shut off new ideas before they have even emerged. Improvisation, on the other hand, creates “a set of experiences that allow you to fine-tune and hone all of the necessary skills needed to think on your feet and simply react and adapt.” So says Bob Kulhan who has been studying, performing and teaching improv comedy for nearly two decades.

The Best Leaders Give Up the Reins

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Composer Franz Liszt was a great improviser, so were Mike Nichols and Elaine May, but improv is a skill that can benefit anyone– teachers, CEOs, even radio hosts. Paul Simon once said, “Improvisation is too good to leave to chance,” so this hour we’ll talk about what it takes to go unscripted and how the words “yes and” can change your life.


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Improvisational theater isn’t just for aspiring comedians and performers anymore. Improv classes and workshops are popping up in Seattle, Portland, Boise, Spokane and Eugene. Companies and business schools are taking notice. Reporter Julia Flucht is in one of these classes and reports on how the improv mindset can produce creative results beyond the stage. View whole story here.

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You have made an impact on my life... We were doing things I thought I would never do, and that has provided at least a handful of different techniques and concepts that I will incorporate into my personal and professional life. Keep up the good work; your energies and enthusiasm are contagious!

Patrick O'Connor, President, Range Kleen

I sincerely believe it was one of the best days from start to finish (educational events, sessions and entertainment) in the forty year history of SLLF. We heard wonderful things from all participants.

Thomas H. Little, Director of Curriculum Development and Research, SLLF

Bob from Business Improv was the icing on our cake this week! We called Bob in at the last minute and after spending roughly 30 minutes with my management staff and myself he was able to pull together a fabulous morning of learning. Practice will be the hard part, but he really laid the foundation on how communication is key and successful communication is essential. My field team enjoyed the activities and the feedback I received was that this was the highlight of their meetings. I highly recommend Business Improv. I personally cannot wait to work with them again!!

Karla Frieders, President of Steve Madden Retail, Steve Madden