I have been researching, exploring, experimenting and prototyping ways to create and lead agile virtual teams in business for over a decade. From avatars to telepresence, my team and I have invested countless hours collaborating, ideating and testing approach after approach. We have been methodical and intentional with our design and delivery and we have learned every step of the way.

Over the last few years, technology finally caught up to us, and our decade of experience opened opportunities for us to lead virtual sessions. I am elated to introduce this Business Improv methodology, and I look forward to walking you through our concepts.

Bob Kulhan, Founder & CEO of Business Improv.

I had the opportunity to participate in Business Improv in person, which made me unsure if that same value would translate to a remote session. I was pleased to see that the team was very engaged and definitely got a marked benefit from the session. It put them in a team situation that is outside their comfort zone and required active communication. Feedback was very positive. They enjoyed working through video with the team and had a good time in the activities. I definitely recommend Business Improv as a team building activity even in a remote scenario.

Gregg Tolman, IT Services Programming Manager, Aetna

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of the first Business Improv Virtual Executive Leadership program. My colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As Bob wrote in his book to me, it got the hamster that powers our brains dancing! Scott came across loud and clear. He really did a fantastic job introducing the improv techniques and then having us put them into play. Even though the session took place right after lunch, there definitely were no heads nodding. Scott not only captured our attention, he kept us all engaged.

Jeanne Walsh, Chief U.S. Probation Officer, United States Probation Office Northern District of Illinois

Thank you so much for today's webinar. I really enjoyed it and felt like I learned a great amount! I had an interview earlier today for a leadership position as a Senior Fellow for the ChicagCHEC Research Fellows Program. Fingers crossed; I will definitely be able to use today's tips during the summer to create that positive energy!

Anonymous Participant, Chicago Scholar

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm’ – Emerson. This applies to Bob’s commitment to delivering a quality workshop. He did so remotely with my team of 11. I look forward to the opportunity in seeing him deliver one for us in person. With my training and development background and sales leadership experience, I can say without question, Bob is able to provide quality content and make it applicable in any environment. Thank you, Bob.

George Kuri District Sales Manager, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

I just wanted to thank you for the time invested, and to share with you that boy oh boy did the livestream surpass the expectations. The event was interesting and relevant. It was rich to see the concepts put into practice simultaneously through Bob’s facilitation.

Anonymous Participant, Grupo Bimbo

It can be hard to maintain your attitude and energy on hours of back-to-back video calls. Bob Kulhan and the team at Business Improv shared some great lessons with our Lenovo team today. Highly recommended. #YesAnd

John Gordon President, Commercial IoT Group at Lenovo

Everyone in the company works from home and the meetings are usually audio Teams meetings. Bob Kulhan took highly introverted people safely out of their comfort zone to discover things about each other they would never have known otherwise - a rare ability. Bob combines the principles of improv with behavioral psychology to challenge groups in business settings to think differently (counterintuitively). His passion, energy, and exercises are second to none and he uses these carefully honed skills to accelerate the progress of any group looking to take their performance to the next level.

Steve Kovalenko, Director of Business Development, mLINQS

Business Improv’s high-energy experiential learning solutions, now in a virtual setting!

Solutions for Teams Transitioning to Virtual

Newly Virtual Team

Transitioning from a face-to-face team to a virtual team can be a challenge—both for the whole group and for individuals in the team. It can be equally difficult transferring existing remote workers into newly formed virtual teams. More, there are specific complications related to hybrid teams, which have some people working together in an office and others engaged virtually.

Our “Newly Virtual Team” sessions are tailored to support teams that are dealing with each challenge described above.

Virtual Leader Training

Leading and managing virtual teams each has a unique set of challenges. Especially considering the different personalities and stress behaviors of each team member.

We have tremendous experience training and coaching virtual leaders on how to create collaborative (virtual) environments, build cohesion, and support virtual teams while motivating and inspiring exceptional results.

Additional Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) Options

Whether your team has always been virtual, or your team is new to this arena, Business Improv has a bounty of experiential virtual training options. The curriculum for our sessions is completely customizable, and we tailor our live experiences to a VILT learning opportunity that hits your goals.

We have several different delivery methods for our VILT training that can fit any team.

Sample VILT Offerings Include:

  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Brainstorming & Idea Sharing
  • Trust, Cohesion and Commitment
  • Conflict Management
  • Storytelling
  • Presence
  • Leadership Development
  • Change & VUCA
  • Boosting Morale
  • and more!

Virtual Presentations & Keynotes

We can deliver 30-90 minute livestream learning sessions to audiences of up to 1000. Contact us to learn more about our wide array of experiential (yes – even virtually!) and highly transferable virtual sessions.