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Introducing Improvisational Communication - Leadership and Management Training

Business Improv has always been an innovation incubator. From day one, we’ve pushed to be ahead of the curve. From our courses in 13 of the top 26 business schools in America to our partnerships with both large and small organizations, we have taken great pride in the trails we blaze, and way back in 2010, we knew that we wanted to future-proof ourselves by digitizing our offerings. We also knew that we wanted to create multiple forms of digital training because we know that individual learners vary tremendously. Personalizing this process became a priority.
Whether your team has always been virtual, or your team is new to this arena, Business Improv has a bounty of experiential virtual training options.
We’re very proud to introduce Improvisational Communication – Business Improv’s premier online training for individuals and organizations that are serious about becoming better communicators, both personally and professionally.
Business Improv is the world’s leader in high-impact, immediately applicable training that links the tenets of improv to business communication. Every participant leaves with real-world take-aways that are immediately applicable and translatable into everyday life.

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Our Online Course

Designed From
The Ground Up

Impactful Learning

Designed From The Ground Up

Designed from the Ground-Up with Convenience, Retention, and Self-Paced Learning in Mind

At Business Improv, we do things differently. Since our inception in 1999, we’ve had the great fortune of working with some of the world’s leading behavioral psychologists to make our courses as impactful as possible. Our results-driven approach doesn’t crowd out the best of who you are: it helps you bring it out, authentically. Our goal is to teach you how to perform at the top of your intelligence, on your terms.
Improvisational Communication takes on “The 6 Cs”: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Change, Conflict and Culture. Simply stated, this online professional development course will help you improve your communication and collaboration, and in doing so, greatly improve your personal and professional life.
This is the very first time that Business Improv is offering a learning experience that is direct to consumer. We’re thrilled to be able to offer Improvisational Communication as our answer to the consistent requests we receive for individual training. Learn at your own pace, on your own terms, within a community of like-minded professionals who want to grow personally and professionally!
Impactful Learning

Impactful Learning Created for Busy Professionals and Leaders

Our approach has always been focused on applicability, transferability and sustainability. Walking out of our programs with tools and techniques you can use immediately is one of Business Improv’s key differentiators. It is fundamental in everything we do.
As such, the lessons in Improvisational Communications are fun and laser-focused on specific challenges that build on each other for more robust deliverables and take-aways as you progress through the course.
We also regularly use Improvisational Communication as foundational training before live (virtual and in-person) Master Class sessions. Ranging from professional coaching and small teams all the way up to onboarding through interactable LMS solutions, we partner with you to design creative, custom solutions that make sense for your people.
This research-based course is the very first of its kind, unmatched in its approach. Here’s why:
80 high-quality video lessons (professionally shot at Mashable Studios, in NYC). Broken up into 8 modules that build on each other, the average video length is a snackable 3 min 41 sec. This course uses proven strategies in an easy to digest format.
Downloadable worksheets that culminate into a personal Action Plan. Designed to be achievable and actionable, you walk out of Improvisational Communication with a crystal-clear understanding how you will continue to use BI’s tools and techniques authentically, on your terms.
Lifetime access to the course. Watch any time, as many times as you want. You can watch on any device and the software is highly intuitive for tracking your progress. You will also receive updates to this course, for life.
Three additional downloadable cheat sheets covering deep-dive topics of interest.
Full access invitation into our virtual community where you will have the opportunity expand your network and continue practicing this new skillset in workout sessions with like-minded professionals.
100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund you.

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