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Business Improv® began in 1999 when Bob Kulhan—an elite professional improvisor—pioneered a brand-new method of business training that married improvisation with the behavioral sciences for real-world applicability (read the full history here).
Today, Business Improv® provides many services including:
  • Live Training
  • Virtual Training
  • Online Courses
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Small Engagements
  • And more…
Our approach is devoted to providing a tangible toolkit of skills that are immediately applicable and designed to be sustainable. We accomplish this through a unique collaboration: we blend scientifically grounded lectures, case studies, readings, and targeted discussions, led by Ph.D. faculty from the nation’s top business schools, with high-energy, interactive, experiential learning exercises led by the world’s top improvisation professionals.

Our programs are designed to improve participants’ interpersonal skills to help them thrive in dynamic and sometimes chaotic business environments. Participants walk out of our sessions with tangible skills that they can begin implementing into their day-to-day immediately.

Below are several resources designed to help you learn about the Business Improv® method and how we can help your business’ leadership and workforce meet and exceed your goals.


Video Pages


Our Book


What do you think of when you hear the word “improv”? If you’re like most people, you probably immediately went to comedy. And improvisation is so much more than comedy!
In truth, improvisation thrives at the critical moment where strategy meets execution. Business Improv® has proven that the tenets of improvisation are directly relevant for business in many aspects. Our unique approaches to training and development focus on personal and professional development, while simultaneously serving interpersonal team dynamics through strategic human capital management. People are the lifeblood of organizations—we teach those people how to best work together and support each other.
This is the philosophy behind Business Improvisations®, and it’s why we’ve been featured in many publications such as CLO Magazine, Monster, Entrepreneur, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Time, and more. Topics range from using improv to impress in interviews to a research study showing how improv helps in leadership education… hint: it really does!
We’ve produced many videos explaining our philosophy and training strategies, a number of which feature our founder and CEO Bob Kulhan. Learn about the benefits of in-person and online leadership training and the philosophies behind our unique approach, as well as important topics that impact business culture like “Emotional Intelligence”, “Perspective vs Agenda”, “Contagious Energy”, “Improv Communication”, and many more.
These videos utilize a cross of psychological techniques and business savvy to direct improvisation to a focal point in business training applications. They provide a perfect jumping off point into the world of Business Improv and can promote adaptability and message resonance, among other important business communication skills.
In our blog, we reveal how incorporating improv into business training enhances the mindsets of those in the corporate world. Read up on cool topics like what level of energy to bring into the workplace, how to control the energy in the room and how to use energy to your advantage. Learn about the life-changing skill of intensive listening, which involves paying careful attention to the others, being open to new ideas and not dominating the conversation. The goal of our blog is to directly showcase the benefits of using improv for business and this is all just a small taste of what you can learn in one of our programs.
Bob Kulhan’s Getting to ‘Yes, And’ is the prescriptive, informative textbook for Business Improv. Understanding where, when and how to effectively utilize the power of “Yes, and” is just scratching the surface of the applicable learnings presented and dissected. After working with psychologists from around the world and using his 20+ years of improv experience, Bob found ways to use improv in four crucial aspects of business.
  1. Personal Development – bolster important aspects such as creativity, relationship building and momentum in your own journey.
  2. Interpersonal Development – how to get the best out of others, relate to others, and ultimately empower others.
  3. Team-Building – the concepts of personal and interpersonal development applied to a larger group with collaboration, conflict, and problem-solving focuses.
  4. Culture – all these concepts applied to foster an agile, adaptable, aligned company culture in the fast-paced and chaotic world of business.
Business Improv has participated in many podcasts designed to spread the message of how improvisation can aid in business pursuits. Some of these include EntrepreneurOnFire (EOFire) with John Lee Dumas, Business Elevation Show with Chris Cooper, The Soar to Success Podcast with Pat Altvater, SHIPS with Pat McAndrew, and more. These all feature Bob Kulhan providing a wealth of information, and cover a wide variety of topics such as “Think Slow to Move Fast” and “Energy Manipulation” and “How to Influence People” and “Virtual Teaming.” We offer these podcasts as an in-depth resource to give you a taste of what we bring to our in-person and virtual sessions.

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