Business Development Manager


Hutch (Business Development Manager) is passionate about connection, team building and utilizing foundational improv skills to enhance people’s lives both on and off stage. She has led teams from two to two hundred over the last two decades including in her roles as Director of Operations at the major New York City comedy theater and school, The Peoples Improv Theater, and developing and overseeing the Customer Success department at the fintech startup, Qapital. Using the communication skills and team mindset from improv and performance training, Hutch has consistently been able to achieve success across various industries for ongoing personal and professional growth both as an individual and in developing her teams.  

In addition to her work in business and operations, Hutch is a professional improviser, actor and coach. She has performed, directed, and produced scores of productions around New York City from black boxes to Off Broadway shows as well as dozens of award-winning film shorts. Hutch also stars in a feature mockumentary parodying Broadway’s Hamilton which was recently released on Amazon Prime, where she can be seen as Abraham Lincoln. She can regularly be seen performing everything from improv to impressions to her original comedy cabaret, Allergic to Being Alive around NYC.

Hutch takes the “yes, and” philosophy into every aspect of her life and has seen success onstage and in boardrooms by applying foundational improv skills to connect and chuckle through all walks of her life.