The options are truly limitless! With a customized approach, we can partner with you to develop the exact type of training you desire, at any length.

Sales Training

Business Improv has significant experience developing experiential sales training for any industry. We will collaborate with you to refine or revamp an existing sales approach or develop a new system from scratch. We also partner with third party vendors and create a “Ride the Bike” in-person experience to be a physical and tangible representation of your sales manual.

Traditional Consulting

Though our solutions will always lean on experiential training, we are very familiar with a more traditional consultative approach. Among several strategies, this could entail taking a deep dive with your team, auditing current practices, researching competencies, developing a full court press on your challenges in real time, and delivering a fully customized and highly specified solution.

Speaking Engagements / Keynotes

We approach keynotes a bit differently, and rely more on an experience with a defined message, than just a talking head. Whether it’s a group of 50 or 5,000, our presentations and keynote addresses are high-energy, enthusiastic, and incredibly interactive engagements from which attendees walk away with legitimate transferable learnings!!

Presentation Training

Whether you are presenting to your peers, your subordinates, or your board of directors, we will help you be more effective and make your messages memorable and impactful. We’ll teach you how to handle nervous energy, react and adapt in real time, take advantage of uncontrollable changes, succeed in “volatile” situations, and deal with unexpected questions.


Whether executive, small group, one-on-one or team coaching, Business Improv provides a wide array of coaching engagements. Sample coaching focuses include executive presence, improvisational leadership, storytelling, presentation training, and many more.

Facilitated Brainstorming / Ideation

Imagine having a room full of the top minds in your company and putting them through an experience that will have them at the most creative and collaborative they’ve ever been. Business Improv creates that incredible atmosphere and then provides the structure to succeed at driving innovation and producing real, tangible results—in an afternoon! We deliver measurable ROI. Period.

Media Training

Whether you’re a celebrity, journalist, professional athlete (or team), CEO, politician, or someone who needs to speak publically on a regular basis, we will help you find comfort and success through your own authentic voice. We’ll teach you how to react and adapt in real time, and thrive in the traditionally volatile and uncertain environment that is press conferences and interviews.

New-Hire Onboarding

Teambuilding and bonding occurs as a happy side-effect of achieving additional goals during Business Improv engagements. Our New-Hire programs offer participants the opportunity to walk away from a training excited about their new position, with a clear understanding of their role within the company, and (now) with a dozen new friends.

Train the Trainer

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” We want you to use, transfer and sustain our techniques and we teach you how to teach Business Improv exercises! In a nutshell: we want to help you help yourself, your team and your company.