Virtual is no longer the future.
Virtual is now.

Teams, training, and entire industries are shifting to virtual offices. This is exciting and the right move for many individuals and organizations. Business Improv is extremely proud to be the first in our industry to offer virtual training to virtual teams and virtual leaders.

Through our work in this space, we have learned that many high-functioning in-person teams struggle when first learning to communicate and collaborate with each other in a virtual setting. With the absence of face-to-face engagements, communication is challenged, and casual tactical exchanges and ad hoc conversations are less frequent. As a result, behaviors change to fit the new environment.

That does not mean that team dynamics and team potential need to suffer. The core of what we do in Business Improvisations is change behaviors.

We teach teams how to make the transition to virtual and thrive in this new landscape. We lead sessions virtually to solidify the learnings and serve as a real-time opportunity for growth—both individually and as a team. We have experience in all of the most trusted digital training platforms, and we collaborate with our clients to make sure the skill set we are developing is sustainable, for long term development.

We’ve spent the better part of the last decade perfecting our virtual suite of offerings, and for the past three years, our team has been partnering with many of our blue-chip, legacy clients to pilot and prototype our virtual offerings. Our iterative approach ensures that we will not jeopardize our deliverables and take-aways in a virtual classroom, and the feedback we have received is exceptional!

We know this is important to you, and our focus is on maximizing your return on investment.
Like our on-site offerings, we customize the experience completely around you, your team and your goals.

Our comprehensive library of digital offerings is suitable for any individual, team, and organization. Whether your team is newly virtual, or you’ve been a digital squad for years, we have multiple solutions for all virtual teams. Check out the solution sets below and contact us for additional information about our offerings!

Our Digital Solutions

Virtual Training

Whether your team has always been virtual, or your team is new to this arena, Business Improv has a bounty of experiential virtual training options.

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Online Course

Business Improv’s premier online training for individuals and organizations that are serious about becoming better communicators, both personally and professionally.

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