Virtual is no longer the future.
Virtual is now.

Teams, training, and entire industries are shifting to virtual offices. This is exciting and the right move for many individuals and organizations. Business Improvisations® is extremely proud to be the first in our industry to offer virtual training to virtual teams and virtual leaders.


Virtual Training

Whether your team has always been virtual, or your team is new to this arena, Business Improv has a bounty of experiential virtual training options.

We have customizable curriculum and several different delivery methods for our VILT training that can fit any team.

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Online Course

Our premier online training for individuals and organizations that are serious about becoming better communicators, both personally and professionally.

We offer customized solutions for corporate partners ranging from smalls teams all the way up to on-boarding through integratabtle LMS solutions.

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Embrace Change and Improvise Creative Solutions

Today’s leaders must be agile. Today’s leaders require skills and tools to help them embrace uncertainty and exploit change as an opportunity. Today’s leaders must learn to react in the moment, at the top of their intelligence. Our team building workshops approach corporate creativity training in a uniquely effective way. Our corporate communication courses teach leaders to be adaptable, motivational, and inspirational.

Our executive leadership classes and creativity workshops make connections between improvisation and business.

The Business Improvisations® methodology marries decades of research in Behavioral Sciences with experiential learning from Improvisation.

“I cannot tell you what a transformative start you gave to our program. People could not stop talking about it. Ken Blanchard was blown away by the level of disclosure and openness we had at dinner and our next session. It was unlike anything he had ever seen. We will definitely be using you to open ALL of our future programs! I can’t thank you enough for your focus, caring and professionalism.”

– Rick Barrera
COO, The Center for Heart Led Leadership



Improvisation is often associated with comedy. But we take improv seriously. Improv training can improve the way your team communicates helping leaders, managers, and executives negotiate and conduct business. Business Improv workshops provide leadership skills training and communication skills training that will teach you to:

  • Promote Creative & Adaptive Problem Solving
  • Overcome Blocks to Creativity and Promote Organizational Innovation
  • Foster Better Communication
  • Build Trust and Support in Teams
  • Accelerate and Improve Individual and Group Decision Making
  • Enhance Focus & Concentration
  • Manage Change More Effectively
  • Manage Conflict Expertly
  • Communicate More Effectively In Crisis


We create custom programs that fit your unique goals. Whether you need a half-day workshop or week-long class, we will tailor the curriculum to meet your needs. We can focus on one aspect or combine any of the following topics:

  • Business Leadership Skills Training
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Creativity Workshops
  • Team Building Workshops
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Corporate Innovation Classes


Read articles and watch videos about our professional communication training programs:

Improvisation is probably one of the two or three cardinal skills for businesses to learn in the future...

John Kao, Harvard Business School